STARWAX Teak and tropical wood renovator

5 490 Ft

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Nourishing oil specifically for outdoor furniture, pergolas, railings

Provides protection for untreated, natural wood

Nurtures and protects

Insecticidal and fungicidalIt cleans thoroughly

Removes UV-induced gray

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Do you want your garden furniture to regain its old shine?

Teak and Tropical Wood Renovation Care Gentle cleans outdoor furniture from dust and dirt.

It helps the grayed wood regain its original color. Not only does it care for the wood, but it also provides protection against insects, fungi, cyanosis and mold. Feel free to use it to refresh pergolas or railings as well! Surface treatment is simple and quick using the renovating agent. For optimal results, use on healthy and completely dry wood!

User’s Guide:

Before treating the wood with Teak and Tropical Wood Renovator, clean the wood of dirt. After shaking the bottle, apply with a brush, sponge or brush to the surface to be cleaned. It takes 10-15 minutes for the product to work, then rinse the surface thoroughly. If you still see the gray areas left on the tree, repeat the procedure.

If you want to treat the wood with other materials afterwards, let it dry for 24 hours