How to receive your goods

You can receive the products you ordered from the webshop in the following ways:

  • Pick-up in person at our warehouse in Pécs after prior arrangement (in this case, the only payment option available is prepayment)
  • Delivery to your home (only within the territory of Hungary)

Shipping time

Products in stock

  • in the case of collect on delivery: within 3-5 business days after ordering,
  • in the case of prepayment: we deliver the goods ordered to the delivery address provided within 3-5 business days after the receipt of the amount concerned at our bank account,.

We use a forwarding company as a delivery service.

Delivery categories

The dimensions of our products that can be ordered in our webshop differ significantly. Our products are categorized into shipping categories. When determining the categories, the size and weight of the product packaged are taken into account as they determine the forwarder as well as the shipping charge.

Category 1

Delivery in cardboard box, when the packet circumference does not exceed 3 meters (circumference: 2 x height + 2 x width + 1 x length = max. 3 metres) max. Height: 60 cm, max. Width: 80 cm, max. Length: 200 cm

  • Category 1/A –  under 5 kg
  • Category1/B – under 10 kg
  • Category1/C – under 20 kg
  • Category1/D – under 40 kg

Category 2

Large carton / pallet delivery, where the circumference of the package exceeds 3 meters.

Products belonging to Category 1 are shipped by GLS Hungary. Products in Category 2 will be delivered to you by other shipping companies.

Delivery charges

  • Category 1/A: HUF 1.900
  • Category 1/B: HUF 2.200
  • Category 1/C: HUF 2.500
  • Category 1/D: HUF 3.000
  • Category 2: HUF 7.500

If your order exceeds HUF 150,000, we will not charge a delivery fee in case of a single delivery address.

The prices are indicative and may vary depending on the packaging of the product. If you order several products, we always choose the best package and delivery option for you.

Other shipping terms and conditions

In any case, when a product is delivered, only the confirmed delivery fee agreed with the customer in advance is charged. We will begin shipping after your confirmation.

In case of home delivery, always make sure that the packaging is intact.

In the case of companies, the products ordered can be received by using the seal of the company or a power of attorney.