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Among the artificial plants we can discover evergreens well known in nature: amber, thuja, boxwood. If there is no way to plant real green plants, choose the version made with artificial plants.

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The artificial plant wall covering is made entirely of plastic, so it requires no care or watering. It has a spatial effect, and it resembles deceptive living plant walls. Its leaves and flowers looks like real plants but it will always look the same! The artificial plant wall cover can be mounted on the wall independently and in connection with each other. Easy to install, can be cut in two directions.

By mounting artificial plants and artificial flowers on the wall, we can get natural decoration indoor or outdoor with a natural effect. Bright green plants made of plastic can make your home and workplace more comfortable, as well as the balcony of a private home and the terrace of the catering units! The sight of green plants has a calming effect, so more and more people are choosing it as a wall decoration!

 Thanks to the plastic material, it is easy to clean, completely waterproof and UV resistant. It retains its color in its original state even after several years.

Size: 100 X 100 cm