Spiral Outdoor Premium LED Light (L) – Garden Lamp

94 900 Ft

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This heanging outdoor lamp has lightweight aluminum powder-coated body, brown premium quality braided weatherproof dimmer, which is resistant to UV radiation and other weather conditions. The brightness of the energy-saving LED lamp can be adjusted more levels, which, besides its cozy appearance, is also an excellent light source. Material use and LED, its components are made of excellent, high quality materials.

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Materials used:

HDPE synthetic, high quality thermoplastic material, resistant to high temperature fluctuations (from -25 ° C to + 70 ° C), painted in mass. UV resistant – SGS certified for 3000 hours UV resistance The coating used is characterized by high stability and tear resistance and easy maintenance.

Powder coated aluminum frame

Color: Brown

Size: 68*61 cm

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