SEKLER – beech charcoal – 10 kg

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High quality beech chacoal from the Hargita.

Size: 40 x 65 x 23 cm

Weight: 10 kg

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Why do we grill with beech charcoal

The best quality charcoal is made of hard wood like beech. Its advantage over other charcoals is that it doesn’t smoke ( maximum at ignition if a non-electric lighter used), so you can grill with it everywhere: on terrace, in garden without unobtrusively. It can also be used in places where this type of grilling causes problems with free-fire baking.

An important feature of high quality beech charcoal is that it burns much more slowly, making it more economical than its softer wood counterparts. At the same time the heat of beech charcoal is much higher than other charcoals, so you can easily make foods which requires  high heat.

How it’s made?

In Transylvania, charcoal burning has an old tradition. There are families who pass on from generation to generation the knowledge needed to achieve the best quality charcoal. The material for this is provided by hard wood for which beech wood is the best.

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