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ArtMoon – Oak Conference Table with Leather Chairs

Modern but natural unique oak table with 10 ” Full Grain” leather chairs.

The table top is made of burned oak with metal legs. The chairs are made of high quality ” Top Grain” leather, which has soft feeling and it is a comfortable, durable surface.

The price of the set is 7900 EURO with VAT.

The set contains the table and 10 chairs.

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The table top was cut from a 200-year old, 120 cm diameter huge tree trunk, which after machining became 105 cm wide and 8 cm thick. The table top was burned and cooled down several times. As a result the burned and very imposing black color was absored into the poles of the wood. After oiling, acquired its final impregnated durable color and surface.

The table top size is 310 X 105 cm and 9 cm thick. The height of the table is 77 cm. 

Size of the chairs: 60 X 60 X 80 cm

The question is what makes a conferance room modern with furniture like this?

Firstly because of the used materials. This unique conferance set is made of solid wood combine with metal. The table top is burned oak which looks perfect with the cognac colored leather chairs.

A modern conferance table can also make a classic atmosphere by placing it in a suitable environment. One element of this is the choice of color. Deeper, darker colors are often the feature of antique furniture. It can also make a modern atmosphere for Your partners.


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