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Tosca solid wood dining table

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The furniture is made of Tropical Acacia with matte surface treatment, making it a warm, relaxing feature of your home. Placing more than one element of this furniture range in one space creates a beautiful environment; however, the separate elements also fit well in your home with your existing furniture. Made of durable, easy to maintain solid acacia, in order to create an atmospheric space in your home.

The furniture does not require assembly. It is delivered as assembled components.

Delivery charge: HUF 12,000 /item

If you order more than one product at the same time, the delivery charges are reduced and will not exceed HUF 12,000.

Delivery is free of charge for orders over HUF 150,000.

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Tosca solid wood dining table

Solid wood is a hard, tough yet flexible material. Because of its mixture of colours and difficult workability it is mainly used to make furniture and personal articles. It can also be used to make garden chairs, tables and fences. It can also be used to make pleasant, extremely durable objects for indoor use.

Material: Tropical Acacia

Dimensions: 160*90*78 cm

Weight: 35kg

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 160 × 90 × 78 cm
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7500 Ft


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