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Brown textile leather sofa

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A sofa with a striking line can be a defining decoration of a modern interior. The comfortably designed sofa is covered with quality textile leather and the legs are made of wood. It offers a comfortable place for you, your family and guests to relax and read, but it can also be a perfect choice for stylish office furnishings. Thanks to the soft seating surface and backrest, it guarantees optimal comfort. In addition, the wooden legs make the sofa extremely stable and provide excellent durability. Textile leather has a soft feel, a warm feeling, a strong material and a higher load-bearing capacity than natural material. In appearance, it resembles genuine leather, suede, a material with a real leather effect.

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Size: 258x99x70 cm

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Textile leather material characteristics

·     pleasant soft touch

·     Thanks to microfiber or three-dimensional manufacturing technology, the surface of the textile leather, i.e. the top layer, is a soft, pleasant to the touch, pleasant material. It is also beautiful to look and feel.

·     high load capacity

·     The characteristic of sofas and armchairs is that if a family member loves it, they also use it constantly. Most textile leathers are brilliantly resistant to the abrasive effects of use, which is why they are also chosen by many in the automotive industry for car upholstery.

·     very good leather imitating effect

·     The warm feeling at the touch, the delicately shelled surface reminds us of real leather. Textile leather is now perfect imitation leather.

·     water repellent

·     The manufacturing technology brings with it the fact that most leather-made textile fabrics have a water-repellent effect. The top layer of the material does not absorb the liquid, it stays on the surface of the fabric, it is not absorbed. Textile leather fabrics will thus not be stained if exposed to any liquid (coffee stain, beverage stain).

·     easy to cleana cleaning cloth can be used to wipe the stain, no liquid or dirt gets between the fibers so it can be easily removed and no traces of material remain on the fabric. The following spots can also be easily ‘erased’: pencil, felt-tip pen, highlighter

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